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Thought of starting a website may have at one time crossed your mind. Having a site is important especially if you are a blogger who wants to share your mind with your audience. It is also an important tool if you are planning on conducting business over the internet. However, do you know that a site needs to have a domain hosting provider to run?  A provider will provide you with the servers which store and powers the website. Therefore, before creating your site, here are what a good domain hosting company will do to the overall site.

1.    Provide reliable servers and secures your site

Without a hosting provider, you are sure that your website will not be visible on search engines. A good company will provide you with strong servers, along with stable network connections that will ensure your site in online all the time. An offline website harms your business’s selling potential as buyers probably won’t spot it. A reliable host guarantees that reputable uptime rates of up to 99.5% annually. Also, you can trust them to secure your website and keep all your data safe all the time.

2.    Backs up your site

These days, there is a rampant wave of cyber threats like the infamous ransomware. These threats are not only targeting finance websites but any site with valuable data and information that the owner would pay handsomely to have the extortionists restore the information. A domain hosting provider will from time to time back up your information safely so that in the event of such an attack, you still have your data intact. What’s more, these hacking acts often damages some website files such as the index.php file beyond repair. With only a single attack by such extortionist, you are most likely to lose all your data. Here is why you need a hosting company to back up your website frequently.

3.    Customer support guaranteed

When running a website, technical problems are inevitable. However, the web hosting company has typically experts that will help restore your site to its normal working every time you encounter problems. These companies hire teams of expert that are sure to restore your site within no time, to see your business move on seamlessly. They are a team of dedicated professionals who are always round the clock waiting to offer you working solutions every time a problem occurs. Most are reachable by phone, email, live chat and even Skype. So, never shy away from hiring a reputable domain hosting company for your business website.

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